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Some 35-year-old Seeds Bear Fruit...

We continue to get some airplay from a Houston-based radio network, [], and I received an order for Inhabit My Praise just this week. I dropped it in the mail, sent an email thanking them, and then received a return email from her husband explaining why they had ordered it. His wife had just lost her mother to cancer this week, and in going through her things they found a handwritten note of her mother’s saying, “Kelly Lindsley, Peace Be Unto You, song at my funeral.”

It is Such a Blessing to me to know that these songs continue to minister to people after all these years. And the stories surrounding this one 35-year-old song in particular are just amazing to me: It probably wouldn’t have even been on the CD had I not been singing at a coffeehouse immediately after 9-11; there was a pastor’s wife who told us she was having a rough day, sat down on the bed, and then heard the line: “But don’t sit too long and cry among the thorns.” 😊 [There are others stories as well...] It’s nice to be reminded: all the seeds we plant over the years make a difference – and all the seeds that you’re planting are making a difference, too. \0/


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