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"Only God Can Do This"

I was inspired by some of the comments that were made re: the Clemson/Bama game. [Bear with me.] One was by the Clemson coach, Dabo #Swinney, after winning the game: "You can't make this up. Only God can do this." \o/ As some preachers say, "That'll preach." Perhaps you find yourself in #difficulty -- and maybe have been for quite some time. Do what you can do -- so He can do the things that will bring Him glory.

Just think of what God might do this year! What a #greatmoment it will be when your #breakthrough will enable you to say, "Only God can do this!" "They overcame Him by the blood of the Lamb and by the #wordoftheirtestimony . . . [Rev 12.11]

Part 2 tomorrow . . .

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