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Keep Taking Those Steps

For many years now, we’ve been privileged to have beautiful, lightly-traveled roads to walk on. Not a small amount of those roads have towering trees to form a canopy over the road. But I got into a bad habit of looking down as I walk, and I’ve missed the beauty that lies above. I purposefully looked up for much of the walk yesterday and today, and it’s been eye-opening. First, every step that you take under those gorgeous trees changes the view – and more than you’d think. Secondly, you see things when you’re looking up that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Just this morning I noticed a trumpet vine that was blooming 30 feet up into one of those trees. Many are facing several challenges these days, but for me these walks were nice reminders that every positive step is bringing about positive change – and sometimes you see something amazing that you never expected. Keep taking those steps... Keep looking up… Look for amazing things… Hang in there…


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