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Eric Liddell: "When I run, I feel His pleasure."

I watched the film Chariots of Fire yet again last night – and will no doubt watch it again.  Eric Liddell gave up a probable chance at a gold medal in the 1924 Olympic Games because he refused to run on the Sabbath.  As a result, at that time he served as a witness to all of England and around the world.  And his exchange with his sister will ever serve as a pivotal moment for me: “When I run, I feel His pleasure.”  When I’m writing a song – especially if it’s going well – “I feel His pleasure.”  At a time when many are so consumed with what gives them pleasure, this is one of  those eternal principles: “When I ____, I feel His pleasure.”  What is it that you do where you “feel His pleasure”???  Selah.  May those endeavors shine with abundance in ’24… 


And a footnote: his witness to England and the rest of the world for his running ability surely had a significant impact, but his influence did not end there.  Born in China to Scottish missionary parents, he returned to China a year later as a missionary and served there for 20 years, but he died at 43 of a brain tumor while interred in a Japanese prison camp in WW2.  May all of our lives have such a significant impact! And Lord, help us strive for significance in 2024! 


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