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Expect Big Things

“I hope you are expecting big things.” – Smith Wigglesworth I love this quote – yet find myself missing those *Big Things* far too often… We were privileged to see the Van Cliburn piano competition last year, and it was one of those extraordinary moments you experience in life. [How do they develop what to most of us is unfathomable skill?]

The junior competition was this week in Dallas. We toyed with going to one of the performances but talked ourselves out of it. [How good could juniors be?] I just got finished listening to the YouTube performances of the 15yo South Korean pianist who just won the Van Cliburn Junior competition. Iyi, check it out:

We unfortunately missed the performance of a pianist who surely will be a future medalist of the [adult] Van Cliburn competition. Expect Big Things… Don’t miss them or talk yourself out of them… Watch for them… They’re everywhere…


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