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Music Fills the Air

The latest YouTube upload is “Music Fills the Air,” as sung by the young Mabank ISD Honor Choir and directed by my beloved Catherine. Some of the lyrics: “There is so much in my heart / And it’s waiting to be free / From an ordinary start / Music Fills the Air.”

As I say in the YT description, even a young child is waiting for their eventual opportunity to be a teacher, a policeman, a singer, a fireman – and what an extraordinary difference many of them will make. Catherine is seeing it over and over again as students that she had in her choirs have moved into directing choirs and teaching music themselves. They, in turn, are now influencing perhaps over a thousand students each and every year. "Look what the Lord has done!" Music is, indeed, filling the air – and we are all better for it… Check it out. It will bless you. [It's also captioned, if you'd like to read along -- and don't forget to subscribe.] You can also order it on the site here:


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